Disruptive, a new sight of life, or another way to look at things from another perspective and to involve technology in the mix .

So what are Disruptive Technology then?

To put it short, life is a constant moving experiance containing disruption and rebuilding, so i will do my best to explain how I look at life and also explain from where im coming (but not where i going due to the constant change in life)

You can always look at your self as lost in life, yes we all get lost, but if wee see it as to see something new, finding new ways and new perspectives.

Are you logging in to life?

Social media makes us logg in to life rather than waking up and sensing it, a bad comment on your picture or your thought can disrupt the whole day or even worse your life, is it really worth it, a comment from a stranger makes you feel like that, aren't we better than that, my mantra is to do the best i can to be nice to my irl community and to also do that to my far away friends that i meet on my way trough life

This is my playground

There's no point to do nothing in life, we have and need a purpose to really feel content in life and if we make the wrong turn there it will affect us in many ways.

To spend your time in a job for instance that isn't you just because what others tell you makes the spirit crumble and die, sometimes it's not doing what you have to do what you want, because have you ever asked yourself the question what you really want without filtering it trough what others told you since you where a kid.

That's why we have mental breakdowns, the mind disrupts.

Template,for life?

There is no templates for life, you have to make it up as you go, it's like when i began to create car designs, just to copy someone else is cheating, you have to make it you own, not glancing in catalogues and magazines , ok you can take influences but in the end you have to make your own mark on things.

And yes in these times (right now the corona plague) we can have difficulties to interact with other people, and there's a reason why isolation is a punishment, we need other or else we have breakdowns.


Soon on this site

The disruptive diary of a madman, aka me i will write a bit about what has molded me and what changes i had to go trough to getting in touch with ME the realisation of we are not getting out of this llife alive, ever but we can do our best to make this life more livable don't you agree, and some small tools to maybe make you find your way, no pointers more like a map

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Ok this is the embryo of this site, no menu yet but soon i promise so hang in there and we will disrupt your life